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Disturbing FACTS About Your Mortgage

Award-Winning mySmartPay Wealth SolutionTM

Award-Winning Software
This powerful and proven software was developed by a company that won the same prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award as Apple, Starbucks, Microsoft & eBay! So, you know it works!

100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee!


100% Savings Guarantee!

As long as your information is correct and you follow the system prompts, your savings is guaranteed to the month and year you will be at zero debt and also to the penny of what you will save, all in writing!

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Minimize Debt.

mySmartPay is the fastest, most advanced way to pay off your mortgage.

Our average current active customer is scheduled to:

Pay off a 30-year loan in only 11 years!

Pay off a 15-year loan in only 6.7 years!

* Sample figures only: $175,000, 30 year fixed term, $887 monthly payment, 4.5 interest rate (not your actual rate), savings is net of fees based on program for life of loan. Program fees customized to each customer. mySmartPay results based upon average active customer experience and vary based on individual financial situations.

"...saving tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in interest payments."

- Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

"Homeowners finally have a clear picture of their financial future."

- Broker Banker Magazine

Recognized in Prestigious Publications

 Maximize Wealth.

 What will you do with all the money you'll save?

How do we do it? First and foremost, we have the heart of a consumer advocate. Our award-winning mySmartPay Wealth Solution is a proven, safe and convenient way to cut tens of thousands in interest charges and years off ALL your existing loans:


Credit Cards

Student Loans

Car, Boat and RV Loans

Second Mortgages

Equity Lines

of Credit

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