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The Award-Winning mySmartPay Wealth SolutionTM
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Minimize Debt    Maximize Wealth!

Integrated with over 13,000 banks, credit unions, lenders, credit card and financial service-based companies throughout the United States.

100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee and 100% Savings Guarantee!

Your savings is guaranteed to the very month and year you will be at zero debt and your total interest savings amount to the penny, all in writing!

Minimize Debt.

mySmartPay is the fastest, most advanced way to pay off your mortgage.

Our average customer actively using mySmartPay is scheduled to:

Pay off a 30 year loan in only 11 years!

Pay off a 15 year loan in only 6.7 years!

Your Mortgage

without mySmartPay

Your Mortgage

Loan Term:


Interest SAVINGS:*


+ Wealth Builder Cash:*

30 years





11 years





*Sample figures only: $175,000, 30 year fixed term, $887 monthly payment, 4.5 interest rate (not your actual rate), savings is net of fees based on program for life of loan. Program fees customized to each customer. mySmartPay results based upon average active customer experience and vary based on individual financial situations.

See how the bank makes money off of you and how to keep YOUR money instead.

Plug in your loan amount and see what the bank is taking from you.

Learn the Disturbing Facts About YOUR Mortgage

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

See first hand how others have minimized debt and maximized wealth using the mySmartPay Wealth Solution.

I have found this program to be exceptionally helpful, it has helped us control our overall spending and allow us to save more and yet helping us pay our mortgage earlier than anticipated if we stay on course. Thanks for all you do.


~ Richard


Steve from Texas used the program to pay off high credit card debt and his mortgage.

"One of the best things we’ve derived from the program is the sense of optimism knowing that the hole we dug ourselves into was not bottomless and we’re on track for being free and clear…"

I have been working with Nicole Blackburn since March of this year.  I have already gotten rid of one account and hope to get rid of another in 6 months.  I could never have done this without Nicole's help.  It is very comforting to have a professional to help you get rid of debt.  Nicole is very patient and explains things very well.  I would highly recommend the program and am optimistic that I can be debt free.


~ Sandra

(New Mexico)

Mike from Ohio loves watching his debt be reduced while using the program.

"At this pace, per the program, I will pay off the home loan in 1.9 years…You have really changed our lives…"

I would like to say that the help and patience that I get is great. This program helps me to understand my financial situation and what I can do about it. Thank you.


~ Shawn




I have used the mySmartPay for 6 months. Once you commit to it and follow it, it will work amazingly. The system is very user friendly and intuitive. I will continue to use the system and strongly recommend it. The trainer and coaches are very friendly, understandable and willing to help.


~ Mozaffar

(Rhode Island)



The customer service that I have received with the program has been excellent. I really appreciate the helpful and friendly assistance from the associates. I would happily recommend this program to friends and family.


~ Steven




Susanne from New Jersey says the program provided financial order for her life.

"I am super psyched and I recommend this to everyone or at least anyone who wants to be debt-free in a short time frame."

Hi, I just wanted to share how pleased I am with Mysmartpay. It has been invaluable in helping me keep track & stay on top of my finances. Soon I'll be debt free.


~ Maureen






*Some individuals received minor compensation for their time.

 Maximize Wealth!

 What will you do with all the money you'll save?

How do we do it? First and foremost, we have the heart of a consumer advocate. Our award-winning mySmartPay Wealth Solution is a proven, safe and convenient way to cut tens of thousands in interest charges and years off ALL your existing loans:

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